Friday, April 29, 2005

Holy Crap

Just as I determined that I will never need any game outside The Matrix Online, someone mentions Guild Wars. Dammit, these games are going to leave me penniless. Happy in my little fantasy world, but penniless. They're bragging, too. Oh but they're bragging. They're hot shit and they know it. We say "six professions isn't nearly enough!" They turn around with "but there are 36 COMBINATIONS of the 6 professions." We respond by saying "Yes, please." And they axed subscription fees. No subscription fees! How do they make their money? This is going to be one expensive game, I'm willing to bet. But damn if I didn't just have to check out the screenshots and gameplay samples on their website (, and holy shit! I must buy this game! I must buy it, and play it, and name it and love it. I just noticed, they even have a short story on their website. Now that's hype. You can expect to see my review on Monkeycube once this comes out. Damn, just damn. I'm lost forever if this game is half as good as it makes itself look. Excuse me now, I must go drool over screenshots.

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